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5 Signs That You Need Emergency Dentist Near You

A dental emergency is a special area of dentistry that caters to all the urgent oral needs of patients. It is not a specialty that many people deem necessary until they have an oral emergency that needs attention. Like with any other health emergency, dental emergencies can freak you out, leaving you overwhelmed and clueless […]

What Is Biological Periodontal Therapy

One of the common misconceptions today is that having white teeth is the ultimate goal. People run off to buy teeth whitening toothpaste and products to attain this particular goal. Although having white teeth is good, it is the end product of a healthy mouth. The ligaments, gum, and the bone surrounding your teeth make […]

How to Protect Your Children’s Teeth

Watching what parents are eating or drinking should begin in infancy. Eating and drinking properly will promote a healthy body besides the teeth. It has been suggested by the American Dental Association that parents must adopt certain habits to promote healthy teeth in children some of which are mentioned in this article for your reference. […]

How to Take Care of Your Children’s Teeth

When your toddler is growing up, and the first teeth start to sprout, you are accorded the responsibility of ensuring excellent oral health for them. Baby teeth might not seem as important, but kids need then for eating, smiling, and talking. Tooth decay is the most prevalent tooth condition in babies. An estimated 40% of […]

5 Myths About Dental Implants

There are many misconceptions about dental implants in Irving TX that deter most people from getting a dental implant. People are quite uncertain about the procedure for the application of dental implants. It is advisable to see a dentist if you have a defective or missing tooth, and you consider having a dental implant. Let […]

Tooth Decay In Baby Teeth

BABY TEETH MAY BE TEMPORARY, hence not important? Think again, they’re certainly not “practice teeth.” Your child’s early dental care is so incredibly important! Baby Teeth Are Essential To Future Development Baby teeth perform many functions, including: Ensuring proper NUTRITION through chewing and eating Aiding in SPEECH development PLACE HOLDER for permanent teeth to come […]

Dark Side of DIY Whitening! THINK AGAIN!

Are you looking to get a bright smile without visiting your dentist? A quick Google search will turn up dozens of easy methods for whitening your teeth, many relying on items you’ll likely to already have at home. But these simple recipes for whiter teeth may not be all they’re cracked up to be. Here’s […]

Serving Grand Prairie, Coppell, Irving and Nearby Communities

Professional Dental offers an array of general, cosmetic, and sedation dentistry options for patients in Irving, Coppell, Grand Prairie, Arlington and Euless areas. We want to help you reach your full smile potential, and do so in a comfortable environment. At our Irving dental practice, you can rely on our gentle approach to your treatments […]

Smile Friendly Breakfast Everyday!

Fasting all night long leaves the body ready for a healthy breakfast. We might skip breakfast because of a busy schedule or lack of time in the morning, but there are many arguments for fueling up first thing in the morning. Breakfast helps us focus and potentially perform better in school, while helping with weight […]

Did you know, cavities lead to more cavities

YOU’RE RETURNING TO WORK after your dental appointment with a numb lip, thanks to a filling! We know it can be annoying. A filling may not be welcome news, but they’re often an important part of your preventative care plan, and much preferable to the alternatives! If you’re ever been tempted to postpone getting a […]