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Dental Veneers

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Veneers1Veneers can solve most cosmetic dental problems that make teeth look unattractive. Dental veneers can fix uneven teeth, which is a result of general wear and tear of teeth or constant tooth grinding. Patients born with abnormal teeth spacing can benefit from getting dental veneers as well. Veneers can also fix worn tooth enamel, which becomes worn, dull and discolored as one ages. Smokers and those who have regular caffeine consumption are advised to get dental veneers to brighten their smiles.

Dental veneers are used for covering worn chips and cracks in the tooth, worn out enamel and uneven tooth spacing or alignment. Made of ceramic material, veneers are custom-designed to create shapely, perfectly aligned teeth, which results to a sparkling white smile. The material of dental veneers has improved greatly over the years an today, veneers are more translucent, which makes teeth look more natural.

Alternative to teeth Whitening

Usually, dentists will recommend teeth whitening to patients who only have mild teeth discoloration. If your natural teeth are still functional and the overall appearance is still adequate, your dentist would not suggest veneers immediately. However, if your teeth is not properly aligned, has irregular spacing or cracks and chips, then dental veneers is a practical solution. The procedure involves preparing shaped shells that will be fitted on your teeth, thus altering its shape and appearance permanently. Dental veneers can change not only the appearance of your teeth but possibly the whole face as well. Although it is a lot more expensive then teeth whitening, veneers will last through the years.

Aside from the aesthetic benefits, dental veneers also have other dental health benefits. It provides full protection for the surface of damaged tooth and can serve as an alternative to dental crowns.
Although dental veneers are durable, care must be taken to make sure you don’t break or damage them. Also, your dentist may prohibit you from eating certain foods and recommend protective teeth gear.

Care for Your Veneers

  • Never use a Prophy Jet or other power polishing equipment. The porcelain will look great at the end of your appointment, but you will have removed the glaze and the veneers will start to stain when your patient gets home. With the glaze intact, porcelain is very resistant to stain.
  • Be careful with the use of an ultrasonic scaler on teeth with porcelain veneers. There is a potential to nick and chip the margins if your motions aren’t smooth. Don’t dwell on the margins of the porcelain with your instrument.
  • If you want to give a fluoride treatment, use neutral fluoride, not acidulated fluoride. The acid in acidulated fluoride is hydrofluoric acid, which etches porcelain. It will have a similar effect to the Prophy Jet and will leave the surface of the porcelain rough and susceptible to staining. It will also remove any tints that were placed in the surface of the porcelain by the laboratory technician and thus alter the color of the porcelain.
  • Be careful with heavy-duty scalers on the margins. They can also cause nicks and chips.