Is it safe to drink your own PEE?

Is it safe to drink your own PEE?

Dear Reader

Here’s a little body fluid quiz to start your day.

TRUE or FALSE: Sweat has no smell.

TRUE! Sweat alone doesn’t smell, it’s the bacteria on our skin that makes it stink!

TRUE or FALSE: Tears come out of your nose when you cry.

TRUE! As you know, everything in that area is connected! If you are crying hard enough that the tubes between your eyes and nose can’t drain it all, you’ve got snotty tears coming out of your proboscis. And contrary to popular belief (and 10CC), big boys DO cry.

TRUE or FALSE: Introverts salivate more than extroverts.

TRUE! It’s due to an introvert’s RAS (Reticular Activating System) being more sensitive than an extrovert’s. The RAS is a bunch of nerve cells that control social skills – and an introvert’s RAS gets riled up much more easily. The RAS overreacts in social situations, and for some reason, in those circumstances it controls salivary production too.

TRUE or FALSE: It’s safe to drink your own pee.

SORT OF…… While very few people would recommend doing this, drinking your own urine in small quantities is generally not harmful. But why would you want to?? Well, maybe in circumstances of severe dehydration and thirst. The problem is, in those situations the body stops producing urine, so the point may soon be moot.

But don’t drink someone else’s pee! Even though urine is sterile when it leaves the body, if your friend is sick an infection could be passed along, as well as other contaminants such as undigested alcohol. Pee and tonic anyone??

TRUE or FALSE: There is a hidden lesson behind today’s e-letter.

TRUE!! And it’s one we have said before but apparently not everyone was listening!

The lesson is – NEVER SEND AN E-LETTER WITH A BORING SUBJECT LINE!! If you are reading this right now it’s because you found the subject line of “Is It Safe To Drink Your Own Pee” intriguing – or at the least disgusting enough to make you curious.