Airway Focused Dentistry and TMJ

Airway Focused Dentistry and TMJ

Dentists are not only concerned with repairing teeth, but they are also experts in other conditions affecting the head and neck. Among these conditions are sleep apnea, airway obstruction, and TMJ, which is Temporomandibular Joint Disease.

Dentists can resolve some of the problems with airway focused dentistry and TMJ by using dental appliances that address these issues.

The DNA Appliance

The DNA appliance doesn’t have anything to do with taking your genetic history. Instead, our dentists at Professional Dental in Irving, TX, use a dental appliance known as the DNA or Daytime, Nighttime Appliance system to correct issues with TMJ, obstructive airways, and sleep apnea.

By using this appliance, patients don’t need to undergo invasive surgery to correct teeth alignment, use a CPAP to force air into their bodies to keep them breathing at night, and it can correct underdevelopment of the cranial facial region. All our patients need to do is wear the device at night while they are sleeping.

How Does the Appliance Work?

The Daytime, Nighttime Appliance fits in the mouth as a mouthguard or nightguard does. By wearing it every night, the bones in the face remodel themselves overtime to correct issues with airway obstruction, TMJ, and alignment. Other dentists can also correct these issues, but they use traditional techniques involving craniofacial surgery, which is more invasive and painful.

With this system, our dentists at Professional Dental can help reduce or eliminate snoring and treat obstructive sleep apnea. By treating these problems, patients will be able to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, which is difficult to do with sleep apnea. They will also have the energy they need to get through their days without nodding off at work or home.

Cosmetic Improvements

Along with improving patients’ ability to sleep well and reducing or eliminating pain from TMJ, many of them may see cosmetic improvements as well. The DNA system helps to reshape the dental arches and realigns teeth in 12 to 24 months better than braces do. The system can make the face appear fuller by widening the airway and repairing the mandibular joint, along with realigning teeth.

If you have issues with TMJ or sleep apnea, visit our dentists at Professional Dental in Irving, TX, to find out if you qualify for the DNA system.

SomnoMed / Panthera

Are you struggling with sleep issues such as obstructive sleep apnea or snoring? Our dentist can help with that. Through airway screenings, our dentist can determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for SomnoMed®️ or Panthera oral devices. SomnoMed and Panthera are leading manufacturers of innovative devices that help in the management of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. These well-fitting and comfortable sleep apnea devices keep your airways open while you sleep, thus limiting blockage and breathing interruptions.

Getting enough sleep every night is crucial in ensuring that your body gets the rest it needs to function optimally. By alleviating sleep interruptions using SomnoMed or Panthera, you can become healthier and even happier. What’s more, your sleep partner will be grateful that they can sleep through the night without having to deal with your snores.

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