Green Dentistry

Green Dentistry

Concern about the environment and climate change leads many people and businesses to change their practices. They seek to lessen their carbon footprint to reduce greenhouse emissions, preserve water, and reduce the use of toxic substances. Many dental practices, like Professional Dental in Irving, TX, practice green dentistry.

What is Green Dentistry?

By reducing paper waste, the use of toxic chemicals, and reserving water is how many dental clinics are trying to help save the environment around them. Some of these practices can also reduce the overhead costs associated with their businesses as well.

Reducing Paper Waste and Costs

By using email to send patient information or online forms, dentists can reduce waste, as well as the costs of paper and postage. This method also eliminates the possibility of forms getting lost in the mail or not receiving forms in time for an appointment. It is a cost-effective way for patients and our dentists to get the information that they need quickly.

Reducing Toxic Waste

Our dentists at Professional Dental can reduce their use of toxic chemicals with digital radiography instead of using traditional x-rays. With digital radiography, the use of radiation is reduced by up to 80 percent. Also, the images don’t require the use of hazardous chemicals for processing, which reduces the waste costs of toxic chemicals in Irving, TX, as well.

Limiting Use of Disposables

The medical industry, which includes dental practices, uses many disposable products to keep items used on patients from spreading germs. However, this practice produces a lot of waste, so many dentists, like those at Professional Dental, are ordering reusable or recyclable items like patient barriers and bibs or air tips for spraying water or air in each patient’s mouth.

Filtering the Air

Our dentists in Irving, TX, do what they can to make our patients feel more comfortable when they come in to have exams or procedures. One way in which they do this is by filtering the air and using ionizers to purify it. Using these items reduces the scent of chemicals and the spread of germs, so patients don’t need to worry about getting sick if someone has a cold or flu when they visit us.

By making these efforts to become a green dentistry, it helps our dentists to save on their supply costs as well.

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