Safe Mercury Removal

Safe Mercury Removal

Over time, cavities can wear down, crack and fall out, needing replacements. However, if you’re older and have amalgam fillings, then dentists take several precautions as older amalgam fillings can contain mercury. To safely remove them and prevent releasing mercury into their offices, dentists follow a safe mercury removal protocol.

Why is Mercury Handled Carefully?

Mercury is a dangerous substance that can poison humans and over living beings if mishandled. It is the number one neurotoxin on the planet and can have dire consequences if touched or breathed in.

Although there is evidence showing how mercury in amalgam fillings is dangerous, the United States Food and Drug Administration found there is not enough evidence to show that mercury in fillings should be limited.

Fortunately, our dentists at Professional Dental in Irving, TX, make fillings from other materials, like composite resins, that are safe and match the color of teeth. However, they do follow protocols to remove amalgam fillings if they believe they have mercury in them.

What is a Mercury Safe Removal Protocol?

If an amalgam filling needs removing because it’s broken or cracked, our dentists at Professional Dental use a dental dam so that the tooth is isolated and to prevent any of the filling from getting into the mouth. They will also cover the patient’s hair and exposed skin to keep small pieces of the filling or the vapors from falling onto the patient. Mercury, and other materials, can be easily absorbed through the skin.

Our dentists in Irving, TX carefully remove the amalgam fillings in chunks to prevent the mercury in them from being vaporized. They also use plenty of water during the procedure to reduce the likelihood of mercury from causing harm. The protocol recommends using ozone water, which helps reduce bacteria in the tooth and gums.

An air purification system is always on during this procedure to help cleanse the air and remove mercury particulates in it. They rinse the tooth and immediate area with activated charcoal, or chlorella, to remove any mercury left in the tooth. Finally, the patient receives 100 percent oxygen through a nasal canula or hood to prevent breathing in any trace of mercury.

Our dentists at Professional Dental in Irving, TX, who are SMART certified, also cover themselves with protective clothing, eyewear, and head coverings to protect exposure to mercury. After safely removing the amalgam, they can refill the tooth with a mercury-free substance to seal your tooth.

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