Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Same-Day CEREC Crowns

If you have teeth that have chips, stains, or that are at risk of breaking, you could benefit from dental crowns. This dental procedure has many uses. It usually takes two separate appointments to complete, but at Professional Dental in Irving, TX, we utilize CEREC technology to be able to create the crowns in just one visit.

What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a prosthetic that is custom-made to fit onto a tooth. It is also referred to as a cap because it completely covers a tooth when placed, as opposed to dental veneers, which cover only the front of a tooth. It can be used restoratively or cosmetically and placed to:

  • Protect a weak tooth, preventing it from cracking
  • Hold together the parts of a cracked tooth
  • Restore a tooth that has been worn down
  • Cover a misshapen or severely stained/discolored tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Hold a dental bridge in place

With dental crowns from Professional Dental, you can enjoy the use of your teeth and have confidence that they will be strong and long-lasting.

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

For crowns to fit comfortably on the teeth, a small portion of your tooth will have to be removed. Your dentist will administer a local anesthetic to the site to minimize any pain or discomfort before removing a small amount of the tooth enamel. An impression will then be taken of the prepared tooth. With traditional crowns, you would then have to wait for a few weeks for the crown to be completed by a dental laboratory. With CEREC technology at your dentist in Irving, TX, we can create your crown in the same appointment. This conveniently eliminates the need for placing a temporary crown on the prepared tooth as well as the waiting period. You also save the time of making a second appointment. Once the crown has been completed, your dentist can immediately bond it to the prepared tooth, and you will be able to use the tooth on the same day as your appointment.

Visit us at Professional Dental to improve the look or function of a tooth or teeth using same-day CEREC crowns in Irving, TX.

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