Smile therapy

Smile therapy

If you are one of the millions of people who are afraid to smile, listen up. There is a way to fix your smile easily so that you can regain your confidence. Dr. Sonya Reddy may be able to help if you are not satisfied with the condition of your mouth. Whether it is tooth discoloration, broken or damaged teeth or simply just crowding and misplacement, Dr. Sonya Reddy may be able to help you feel better about your look. When you are searching for a general dentist, let us take care of all of your cosmetic or health needs for your mouth

How does smiLE Therapy work?

  • complex communication skills are broken down into manageable components
  • component skills are taught explicitly

Modern dentistry

Today, more and more people are becoming aware of what cosmetic dentistry has to offer in their everyday lives. With this awareness, there appears to be an increase in the demand for general dentists to offer cosmetic dentistry in a fast and effective manner. More than ever before, dentists are challenged to create a beautiful smile utilizing various modalities of restorative dentistry. But is the general dentist the right person to be trusted with your precious smile? The majority of general dentist are trained to maintain your oral health care. But when it comes to the cosmetic aspects joined with the functional aspects of your smile, you might want to see a specialist, i.e. a prosthodontist.

Prosthodontists are specially trained to blend modern aesthetic techniques with the other important aspect of your teeth, i.e. eating. There is a lot more than meets the eye then just altering the way a smile looks.

Prosthodontics: (crown, bridge, and implants) A Prosthodontist has a specialty license pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes. Most dentists are not trained prosthodontic graduates of a dental school – rather they take short continuing education and utilize trial and error experience to be able to understand how size, shape, color and symmetry all work together to create what a prosthodontists is trained in their post graduate work. On the other hand, the prosthodontist is trained at a university to create the smile that implements the use of veneers, crowns, bridges and the increasingly more common procedure of dental implants to ensure that the right smile is achieved, both functionally and aesthetically beautiful. If anyone has a specialty in cosmetic dentistry, it would be the prosthodontist. So when you are seriously looking for a cosmetic dentist, look for a prosthodontist.